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  • Cinta de aluminio, autoadhesiva
    Cinta de aluminio, autoadhesiva
    from 3,00 €
    Al 99.5; smooth, one side coated with a self-adhesive, cover sheet with separation liner
  • Lámina adhesiva D-C-Fix, color metálico
    2 Variants
    Lámina adhesiva D-C-Fix, color metálico
    from 5,40 €
    textured (see Information), monomer plasticized PVC, for material thickness see Information, solvent-free dispersion adhesive, paper backing with centimetre grid, some come rolled on a tube (see Information))
  • X-Film D-MXD metallic adhesive film, brushed
    4 Variants
    X-Film D-MXD metallic adhesive film, brushed
    from 12,50 €
    Decorex series, glossy, metal/PVC composite film, th = 0.075 mm, solvent-free acrylate adhesive (adhesive strength ≥ 5N), paper backing is 120 g/m², inner diameter of roll tube is 76 mm, flame resistant per...
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