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      • Stanley MaxSteel 6000 vice
        Stanley MaxSteel 6000 vice
        from 41,10 €
        Material: cast iron, Clamping width: 110 mm, Clamping force: 110 kg
      • Mini tornillo de apriete
        Mini tornillo de apriete
        from 8,20 €
        die-cast aluminium, silver colour, jaw opening is 30 mm, jaw width is 40 mm, maximum compatible table width is 20 mm
      • Tornillo de banco de precisión Proxxon FMZ
        Tornillo de banco de precisión Proxxon FMZ
        from 29,50 €
        with die-cast zinc clamp for worktops up to 60 mm thick, ball joint (rotates and swings in all directions), 75 mm jaws with rubber covering for sensitive work pieces, weighs 1.6 kg
      • Tornillo portapiezas para máquinas Proxxon MS 4
        Tornillo portapiezas para máquinas Proxxon MS 4
        from 14,90 €
        die-cast zinc, three milled supporting surfaces, with slot that fits the adjustable fence of the bench drill TBM and the drill stand MB 140/S, horizontal and vertical V-slots in the jaw for round materials, jaw width...
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