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  • Photo Patch, photo transfer medium
    Photo Patch, photo transfer medium
    from 7,20 €
  • Pegamento para fotos Herma
    2 Variants
    Pegamento para fotos Herma
    from 3,20 €
    elastic india-rubber mounting cement, transparent, colourless, not aging-resistant, acid free, non-drip, hazard warnings: Xi irritant, F highly flammable, N dangerous for the environment
Información sobre Pegamentos para fotos

Fixogum rubber cement and HERMA photo glue are elastic mounting glues for use in the graphics sector. They are good for the two-dimensional gluing of paper, cardboard, paperboard, plastic foils and similar materials. Pieces thus glued will not warp and, if the adhesive is only applied to one side, can be separated from one another again.

A more solid bond can be attained by applying the glue to both sides; when both sides have glue applied the glue can be allowed to aerate for a few minutes. After gluing, any overlapping adhesive can be easily removed by simply rubbing it off with a finger.

Alternatives: Because rubber cement is based on natural rubber it is not resistant to aging. For long-term bonds TESA ALL-PURPOSE GLUE (Technicoll), SPRAY GLUE, DOUBLE-SIDED ADHESIVE FILMS and TRANSFER ADHESIVES are excellent alternatives.

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