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      Cola Blanca



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      • Ponal Express
        3 Variedades
        Ponal Express
        de 6,90 €
        material: fast setting water-based wood glue (white glue), Use: 150 g/m², application pressure must be at least 15 N/cm² (approx. 1.5 kg/cm²), at 20 °C leave open maximum 10 minutes
      • Ponal
        de 7,90 €
        Cola para madera a base de agua (cola blanca), sin disolventes, abierta durante máx. 15 min. a 20 °C, curado traslúcido, resistencia al agua a corto plazo (D2), consumo: aprox. 150 g/m², presión de prensado...
      • Ponal Super 3
        3 Variedades
        Ponal Super 3
        de 7,50 €
        Cola para madera a base de agua (cola blanca), sin disolventes, abierta a 20 °C durante máx. 10 min, de curado traslúcido, resistente al agua (resistente a la humedad, D3), consumo: aprox. 150 g/m², presión de...
      Información sobre Cola Blanca

      Wood glues are particularly good for making two dimensional bonds on all types of wood and wooden materials. The final adhesive strength of wood glues is as a rule greater than the strength of the wood itself.

      Our product line in this area is limited to water based white glues with various drying times in both a basic (D2) and a waterproof version (D3) for bonding porous, absorbent materials.

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