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  • Barra adhesiva Tesa ecologo
    3 Variants
    Barra adhesiva Tesa ecologo
    from 1,10 €
    without solvent, casing made from 100% recycled plastic, translucent, white, can be washed out cold, for gluing paper permanently
  • Barra adhesiva Pritt
    3 Variants
    Barra adhesiva Pritt
    from 1,30 €
    solvent-free, translucent, white, washes out cold, for permanent bonding of paper
  • Barra adhesiva no permanente 3M Scotch, removible
    Barra adhesiva no permanente 3M Scotch, removible
    from 2,70 €
    solvent-free, washes out cold, for non-permanent, removeable gluing of paper (Post-it technology)
  • Uhu Magic adhesive glue stick
    2 Variants
    Uhu Magic adhesive glue stick
    from 2,90 €
    Colour of glue: blue; transparent when dry, Packaging: blister pack
  • Cola para papel
    Cola para papel
    from 3,20 €
    white (transparent when set), solvent-free, application pen 30 g
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