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      Fogli Di Gomma E Latex

      Informazioni su Fogli Di Gomma E Latex

      Latex is made from natural rubber. Already well known as the basic material for all kinds of clothing (one also naturally thinks of its proven record as a contraceptive), latex rubber is also well used in the production of accessories or for temporary decorations in a wide range of colours.

      Applications: As a natural material with almost no additives, latex is, on the one hand, a product one can feel good about but, on the other hand, it is not as durable as synthetic, or most vulcanized rubbers. It also reacts negatively to UV radiation (sunlight) and cleaning agents or oil. It should further be noted that when working with silicone, sweaty hands will create marks on the sensitive surface! Only warm water – i.e. NO cleaning agents - should be utilized when cleaning latex. Sprinkling some TALCUM POWDER on the sheets will prevent the latex from sticking together. Latex must be stored away from light (the translucent as well as the lighter types are especially prone to yellowing and to becoming brittle) and should also not come into contact with copper or copper alloys as well as oils, fats or cleaning agents.

      Treatment: Latex can best be cut using a ROTARY CUTTER. It can be sewn (with newspaper as an intermediate layer) but it should subsequently also be glued because the thin rubber will tend to rip along the seams.

      Gluing work should be done using rubber glue much in the same way as it is used to patch bicycle tire tubes (for example, TIP TOP). Cyanoacrylate adhesive (e.g. SUPER GLUE) will produce good results while PATTEX only moderately good ones. Before gluing, the latex must definitely be washed in warm water because the silicone coating that forms during the production process will otherwise simply reject any attempts at gluing.

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