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      Informazioni su Doratura

      Gold leaf and metal leaf were traditionally used almost exclusively by gilders, one of the older artisan occupations. It is, however, very possible even as a non-professional to produce good results when working with gilding materials. Our former range of goods, which consisted only of non-precious metal leaf and very few accessories, was only meant to serve hobby gilders. Because of increasing demands for more and, particularly, real materials, we have now increased our product line to such an extent that almost all the basic techniques of gilding are now covered. We have left out the products necessary for poliment gilding, which is a difficult technique that should only be undertaken by highly trained gilders.

      The process of gilding – whether with precious or base materials – consists of many work steps which will be somewhat different depending on the properties and condition of the intended object, the desired look and the operating conditions. Mainly, it is the different types of material that are the determining factor. There are many books available for anyone who is interested in doing “only” imitation gilding for decorative purposes like, for example, picture frames, greeting cards, certificates, etc. Step by step explanations can certainly be found in English (we haven’t looked!).

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