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      Creazione Cartoline / Scrapbooking

      Informazioni su Creazione Cartoline / Scrapbooking

      Scrapbooking, which is a trend that started in the USA, refers to the creation of a very personal photo album or book of memories by assembling many different types of things that have meaning to you (scraps). In contrast to a normal photo album, these books contain fond details, accessories and comments so that unforgettable moments and experiences can be comprehensively captured and shown.

      Photographs are naturally the focal point and are treated according to the individual’s design concept and combined with the appropriate paper so that their significance is brought to the fore. What’s really great about scrapbooking is that so many different types of design and materials can be included. You are only restricted by your own imagination and creativity.

      By now a whole industry has developed around the creation of albums with personal artefacts like admission tickets, mementos, pressed flowers, etc. From the multiplicity of available packages and sets, we have selected a special few that can serve to enhance your „scraps“.

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