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      Sistema Di Binari Per Quadri Classic

      Informazioni su Sistema Di Binari Per Quadri Classic

      Picture hanging tracks are mostly used when the pictures being presented are continually being changed – primarily, of course, in galleries and museums but also in schools, living and commercial spaces and at trade show stands. Once the tracks have been affixed to a wall it is possible to quickly change the pictures being displayed. The tracks also allow variable vertical and horizontal positioning because the picture hanging hooks attached to the cables can be moved both up-and-down and sideways. The result is a wall whose appearance can be quickly changed and even completely re-designed again as needed. In addition, the need to drive additional nails or hooks for new pictures into the presentation area is obviated. The picture hanging tracks are attached to a wall or ceiling by means of screws, sometimes even being concealed beneath the plaster. The Classic picture hanging track is a medium sized and versatile track designed to be attached to a wall for the purpose of hanging lightweight to medium-heavy pictures.

      Process of attaching the tracks:


      Application/Picture hanging:

      There are a number of ways to hang pictures on gallery tracks:


      Normally a picture or object is hung using two cables (hooks) in order to assure a stable horizontal hanging. It is also possible to display a number of pictures hanging one over the other, whereby a number of picture hanging hooks are attached along one cable.

      Aligning the picture hanging hooks at the proper height and subsequently hanging or adding a hopefully not too heavy picture can be done by yourself alone: this will, it should be noted, involve a little bit of practice and, more importantly, the use of suitable measuring tools. These include a spirit level, an appropriate TAPE MEASURE and, if necessary, a couple of easily made CARDBOARD distance pieces for measuring the heights of the the picture hanging hooks.

      Then there is the question: how much weight can one picture track hold in total? This question cannot be answered with any accuracy because there are too many factors involved (certainly the composition of the wall holding the track is first and foremost among them!). It is definitely important to take into account the feature or line which serves as the basis for the necessary measurements leading to the positioning of your new gallery picture track – especially if it is to be indestructably attached to a wall. For example, picture tracks that are exactly positioned by means of a spirit level will look crooked if the ceiling above it is askew…

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