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      Informazioni su Colla A Nastro Trasferibile E Dispenser

      Transfer adhesives are simply very thin, even layers of adhesive which are lined with silicone paper and self-wound. They are essentially different from double-sided adhesive tape in that transfer adhesives do not have a carrier material; the tape or sheet is pure adhesive that is covered with a liner.

      This relatively young technology has immensely simplified two-dimensional bonding in many areas. As a rule, transfer adhesive is applied with roller dispensers in exact lengths. In the process the siliconized protective paper is automatically removed from the adhesive and a thin, immediately adhering film is left behind on the surface to be bonded. In comparison to viscous adhesives or double-sided adhesive tapes and films, transfer adhesives offer a number of advantages (see below). Bonds made with adhesive transfer tapes are the result of a simple, clean and economic method. Adhesive transfer tapes are not only good for bonding paper, cardboard and photographs or for making presentation charts but are also found being used in the form of very large roller dispensers as professional adhesive systems in industry, office, design studios or in arts and crafts.

      Much like thin or viscous adhesives, adhesive transfer films are very versatile and can be used with a large number of materials made of metal, wood, paper and plastic. The very thin types of adhesive (with thicknesses of about 0.05 mm) enable very fine and delicate component parts to be bonded in situations where it is necessary to avoid influencing the construction geometry. Transfer adhesive can be rubbed off of most solid surfaces. Any adhesive that has overlapped during application can be nicely removed in this manner. Transfer adhesives with different features for different uses are available.

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