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      Sacchi E Sacchetti

      Informazioni su Sacchi E Sacchetti

      The firm Authentics is known for its straightforward and functional design products for daily use. Authentics, in collaboration with designers all over the world, has in the meantime developed over 100 products for fields as diverse as kitchens, bathrooms, sports and travel, etc., all of which are distinguished by their combination of well thought out forms with functional materials.

      Authentics believes in using contemporary materials and production techniques for all its products. In regards to the bags, this means light, impervious, water repellent materials in combination with the typical uncomplicated Authentics design. Despite the overall simplicity, every bag has special details and ideas worked into them which make them novel and unusual. For example, the mesh bags from the Kuvert collection are made completely without seams – they are put together with a high frequency welding machine of the sort normally used in the production of plastic bags. The back side has star shaped holes punched out of it allowing the flat Kuvert bag to expand like a net as soon as it is filled with something.

      Authentics has won many design prizes for its special products for everyday use – among which is the Design Plus Award for the Kuvert bag collection.

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