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      Acrylic glass enclosure

      Individualized production of precisely crafted display cases made of acrylic glass for the presentation of art or commercial goods. This type of display case is made of colourless, highly transparent acrylic glass. It can be custom made to your specifications and be used as a protective cover but also as a way to upgrade and improve the appearance of architectural models, jewellery or other types of objects.

      If you are interested, please contact us directly at anfragen@modulor.de or call us at +49 (0)30 690 36-0 so we can quote an appropriate price. We are also ready to advise you as to the necessary relationship between the thickness of the material and the size of the case. 


      High quality acrylic glass

      This acrylic glass enclosure is open on one side and can be simply placed over your exhibit (this is the point where you should consider whether you will want a birch plywood base plate to make your presentation even more impressive). The sides of the case are joined by very clean and practically invisible bonding. The bonded joints are in fact waterproof so that the case could indeed be used as an aquarium if the wall thickness chosen were of sufficient size. You can choose wall thicknesses of between 4 and 12 millimeters, depending on the size of the case or its intended use. Only high quality acrylic glass (Plexiglas) will be used for the construction.


      Price example

      Acrylic glass case, 4 mm material thickness, 250 x 250 x 250 mm (length x width x height): 167.50 € (140.97 + value added tax) - not including shipping.

      (Note: The displayed price serves as a reference point only and is non-binding.)

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