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      Planchas De Vidrio Acrílico Gs

      Información sobre Planchas De Vidrio Acrílico Gs

      Acrylic glass GS sheets and blocks are produced by means of liquid PAMMA polymerizing between two sheets of glass. This process produces a material with outstanding characteristics: it is fracture resistant (compared to glass), weather resistant, highly transparent and lends itself to being shaped and processed.

      Acrylic glass GS can be milled, drilled and sawn and, as a thermoplastic plastic, can be shaped (deformed) at temperatures between 160 and 180 degrees. When processing it with a CNC milling machine please take into account the thickness tolerances (the variability) of the acrylic glass. The values for the possible tolerances can be calculated with the help of the following formula: Tolerance = ± (0.4 + 0.1 x thickness) mm. For intricate milling work like that which often is required in model making, we recommend you use cast PRECISION ACRYLIC GLASS.

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