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  • Agenda Ciak
    4 Variants
    Agenda Ciak
    from 13,90 €
    chamois coloured smooth paper, 75 g/m², with sealed index and fields for addresses and telephone and fax numbers, thread stitch binding, high quality imitation leather flexible cover, black rubber band fastener
  • Agenda Moleskine Volant
    2 Variants
    Agenda Moleskine Volant
    from 5,00 €
    white paper approx. 75 g/m², ruled, with plastic coated letter index, thread stitch binding, flexible cover made of coloured cardboard
  • Agenda Moleskine
    3 Variants
    Agenda Moleskine
    from 12,90 €
    matte cream white paper approx. 75 g/m², ruled, with plastic covered index (A to Z), thread stitch binding, rigid cardboard cover covered in coloured Moleskine paper, flat black rubber cord fastener in the colour of...
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