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      • Himbeerheftchen excercise book
        cream white natural paper, smooth, wood-free, 90 g/m², blank or light blue ruled (corresponding to the German specifications for each particular school grade), staple binding, coloured cover made of flexible,...
        12 Variants
        Himbeerheftchen excercise book
        from 1,85 €
      • Bloc de espiral, estándar
        white paper, wood free, 70 g/m², margin on left, rounded corners (only on 160 sheet version), micro perforations, ring binder punch holes, easy to tear out, black metal spiral binding, printed cardboard cover, grey...
        2 Variants
        Bloc de espiral, estándar
        from 1,70 €
      • Bloc de espiral Clairefontaine
        white paper, satined, wood free, 90 g/m², no margin, rounded corners, micro perforations, ring binder punch holes, easy to tear out, silver metal double-spiral binding, flexible printed cardboard front and back...
        4 Variants
        Bloc de espiral Clairefontaine
        from 3,60 €
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