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      Papel Fotográfico Especial Para Ink-Jet

      Información sobre Papel Fotográfico Especial Para Ink-Jet

      Tetenal ink-jet paper

      We have added a collection of special coated ink-jet paper from the company Tetenal to our product line which are especially good for use in the reproduction of photographs with the highest resolution. As a decades long successful producer of photo paper, Tetenal has acquired special know-how that they can bring to bear in the development of ink-jet coatings.

      The incredible quality of Tetenal paper has been commended by various photography and computer magazines as well as many trade associations and this with good reason because it is so impressive because of its unique collection of features and attributes:

      photo realism
      high colour brilliance
      precise sharpness of focus at the edges
      extremely short drying time
      high degree of whiteness

      Tetenal ink-jet paper is attuned to the special requirements of the newest generation of printers. If you want to be certain that a particular Tetenal paper is compatible with your printer, you can simply check the current compatibility list at There you can also find a link listing the optimal printer settings for your printer and this should enable you to make perfect prints using the different Tetenal papers. In addition, ICC profiles, which make it possible to make really true colour prints, can be downloaded for free.  For any other questions there is the Tetenal service number +49 (0)40 521 45-333 or you can send an email to


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