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      Cuadernos Y Libros De Notas

      Información sobre Cuadernos Y Libros De Notas

      This collection of composition notebooks, writing pads and exercise books with their unusually printed, 80 gram paper come from Sweden where they were created by the designer Olof Hansson. The foundation of the design is based on an idea that is as simple as it is ingenious. Instead of the standard lines and squares found on composition paper being darker than the paper itself, they are lighter!

      Dark lines often disturb the flow of the written text especially in the case of copies where they become even darker. But if the brightness control on a copier, fax machine or scanner is set properly, the light grey lines on Whiteline´s paper will not show up at all. In addition, the grey toned paper is easy on the eyes because it does not tend to blind you through difraction and does not produce such a strong contrast to a background like, for instance, a desktop.

      The Whitelines company feels a special responsibility towards the environment. For this reason, the environmental damage that is the result of production processes is displayed on each of its products in the form of a CO² accounting (carbon footprint). The paper used is made by a carbon-neutral process.

      Dear Customers, please take note that all the Whitelines articles can be customized to your specifications! For orders of 1000 pieces we can supply composition notebooks, notebooks, excercise books and pads which have been printed with your logo or which have a special page layout. Further information can be found under "Service" at YOUR LOGO ON MODULOR PRODUCTS.

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