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      Información sobre Portalámparas Colgantes Con Cable

      The pendant lamps that we have on offer are designed for hanging from a ceiling – the way the strain relief bushing is placed on the cable is based on that assumption and it is also for that reason that the mounts on side of the cable do not have a receptacle with threads which could be used for screwing them onto a pedestal or the like.

      All the pendant lamps have a round, double-wire cord. (Note: there is one exception. The versions with round, transparent PVC cables have a three-wire cord because their metal bulb holders require a ground.)

      Every upper mount has a plastic cone-shaped cannopy covering that is 55 millimeters tall with a diameter of 120 mm at the base.

      All bulb holders are threaded on the outside and each has either a locking ring or a locating ring with which the lampshade – or more exactly the mounting ring on the lampshade – can be secured. There is one exception to this description: Our pendant lamp with the white fabric cable has a porcelain bulb holder that does not have exterior threads. This means that it is not possible to fix a locking ring on it unless you improvise.

      Our supplier puts together these pendant lamps in Germany according to our specifications. That business has been tested and certified by VDE (German Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies): this does not mean, however, that we are saying that all the components are in fact made in Germany.

      PS: Here is quote from an internal company email: “I just plugged the transparent cable into a three-pin plug and realized that the ground wire can only be ascertained by distinguishing a very inconspicuous green-yellow thread with an N or L. It could be fatal if someone were to confuse the conductor for the ground by mistake!” So: Please stay on your toes!

      PPS: The lampshade frames with the designation “floor lamp” are NOT to be used with these pendant lamps because it is not really accepted practice (and it looks really stupid) to have the smaller ring end up at the bottom of a conical shade (looks as dumb as that device they use to stop dogs from gnawing on their coats!)

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