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      Hilo De Coser

      Información sobre Hilo De Coser

      Coats Duet No. 100 is a high-quality polyester sewing thread with a standard thickness and a high degree of tear-resistance and elasticity. It can be used for both hand and machine sewing for making all types of stitches when working on clothing (outerwear, dresses, pajamas, undergarments, lingerie, bathing suits, etc.).

      Production: The exact description of Coats Duet is a 3-strand, high-tech corespun sewing thread made of polyester fibres. These fibres are wrapped around a continuous polyester filament (the core thread). The raw thread produced is subsequently dyed and singed – a brilliantly glossy, smooth and extremely tear-proof sewing thread is thereby produced. Through this compact spinning process, an ideal combination of tensile strength and high elasticity is achieved – and excellent sewing attributes are the result.

      The thread number (here, 100), it should be noted, denotes how long a piece of thread weighing one gram will be in millimetres. This means that the thinner the thread, the higher the number – in case you hadn’t figured that out!

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