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  • Etiquetas colgantes de carton, con agujeros
    18 Variants
    Etiquetas colgantes de carton, con agujeros
    from 2,20 €
    made of cardboard, coloured, ca. 300 g/m², with thread binding or, alternatively thin wire for the large 40 x 90 mm size, only for indoor use, a hole on one side (with metal eyelet) and chamfered, both sides...
  • Cardboard tags
    2 Variants
    Cardboard tags
    from 6,40 €
    Material: cardboard, ca. 300 g/m², with elastic band, Surface: both sides matte
  • Paper Poetry Geschenkanhänger mit Jutegarn
    Paper Poetry Geschenkanhänger mit Jutegarn
    from 5,20 €
    set comprises 5 each of white and brown labels (round, diameter = 40 mm, punched hole, paper, framed in silver metal ring), includes jute twine (natural brown, 1 mm in diameter, l = 3 m, on a spool). comes in foil...
  • Cork tags, with eyelet
    Cork tags, with eyelet
    from 4,00 €
    Material: natural cork, metal eyelet, very light coloured cotton string, Attributes: only suitable for indoor use, hole punched at the top (metal eyelet) with corners cut off (sloped)
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