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  • Carpeta acordeón Moleskine Portfolio
    Carpeta acordeón Moleskine Portfolio
    from 39,90 €
    6 cloth reinforced pockets made of white, FSC certified paperboard with finger cut-outs, hard bound cover consisting of cardboard covered with black Moleskine paper, black elastic fastener
  • Carpeta acordeón, de polipropileno
    2 Variants
    Carpeta acordeón, de polipropileno
    from 8,90 €
    polypropylene, matte,13 compartments with transparent film partitions, 12 tabs, 2 compartments for business cards, rubber band fastener, h = 28 mm
  • Libro acordeón Moleskine
    Libro acordeón Moleskine
    from 16,90 €
    6 white cloth reinforced cardboard pockets, the pockets have recessed grips, rigid cardboard cover covered in coloured Moleskine paper, flat black rubber cord fastener in the colour of the cover
  • Carpeta acordeón Semikolon
    8 Variants
    Carpeta acordeón Semikolon
    from 19,80 €
    sturdy cardboard outer shell and cover flap (th = approx. 3.0 mm) which are covered with colour printed, matte, film-coated paper, can be washed clean, rubber band fastener, 12 compartments made of coloured...
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