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      Plumas Estilográficas Kaweco Y Accesorios

      Información sobre Plumas Estilográficas Kaweco Y Accesorios

      The Kaweco company (Koch, Weber & Co. Heidelberg) was founded in 1883 and is thereby one of the oldest companies in its sector. It has continued on into the present to successfully combine tradition and innovation in the making of high quality writing utensils. The Kaweco pens are very well known and immediately recognizable because of their octagonal shape and the round metal logo “KA WE CO” on the end of the barrel.

      The super high quality chased nibs (and regulator) for these pens are manufactured by the traditional Heidelberg company Peter Bock AG, while the intensely coloured inks, which are also of the highest quality, were developed in an ink laboratory especially for Kaweco.

      By the way, a fountain pen should be regularly cleaned. The tip must be unscrewed and rinsed under running, lukewarm water until the water leaving the tip is clear. Shake any remaining water out of the tip and put in a new ink cartridge if necessary before remounting the tip. Initial use following a cleaning will produce a watery line, but only temporarily.

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