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      Bolígrafos Pilot


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      • Bolígrafo Pilot BPS-GP
        3 Variedades
        Bolígrafo Pilot BPS-GP
        de 1,95 €
        interchangeable refill with metal point, transparent plastic barrel with visible ink level, ergonomic triangular cushioned grip, cap with clip is the colour of the ink
      • Bolígrafo Pilot Birdie
        Bolígrafo Pilot Birdie
        de 8,70 €
        exchangeable refill with metal tip; round matte silver stainless steel barrel, tip and push-button shiny, l = 110 m, diameter is 5.5 mm, stainless steel clip
      • Minas de recambio para bolígrafos Pilot
        4 Variedades
        Minas de recambio para bolígrafos Pilot
        de 1,05 €
        standard plastic refill with metal tip, archival safe per ISO 12757-2 DOC (Birdie BPS-GP) or, alternatively, erasable ink (Frixion ball)
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