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      • Portabolígrafo, niquelado
        2 Variedades
        Portabolígrafo, niquelado
        de 1,60 €
        round spring steel spiral, silver, glossy, for pens with barrel size up to ø 12 mm
      • Leuchtturm Stifthalter Pen Loop
        13 Variedades
        Leuchtturm Stifthalter Pen Loop
        de 2,95 €
        plastic pad: 40 x 40 mm, self-adhesive, with matching colour loop made of elastic fabric sewn onto it, th = ca. 15 mm
      • Patchwork Family wooden pen holder
        3 Variedades
        Patchwork Family wooden pen holder
        de 3,20 €
        Tung tree wood, natural, untreated
      • Palaset plactic boxes, coloured, pen holder
        5 Variedades
        Palaset plactic boxes, coloured, pen holder
        de 5,30 €
        high quality polystyrol injection mould, glossy, striation-free, without top, given dimensions: outer measurements l x w x h (inner measurements are generally about 10 mm smaller), wall thickness = 5.0 mm, designed...
      • Portabolígrafo con ventosa
        2 Variedades
        Portabolígrafo con ventosa
        de 0,50 €
        pen holder made of polyamide, for pens with barrels with diameters between 8 and 10 mm; suction cup is soft-PVC, transparent, colourless, Shore hardness is about 65 Sh-A, comes unassembled.
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