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      Tubos De Asa, Abs Y Poliestireno

      Información sobre Tubos De Asa, Abs Y Poliestireno

      Along with the panels, films, micro-strips, profile strips or textured sheets made from polystyrene or ASA, these tubes are a standard component of architectural model making. Because of their excellent quality despite extremely thin walls, the tubes produced by the American company EVERGREEN are particularly noteworthy. Evergreen products can be recognized because their dimensions are not a rounded number (for example 2.4 mm diameter).

      You should be very careful when cutting these thin walled tubes: first score the tube with the cutter, and then break it off. In model making it is normally glued with either DICHLORMETHANE or some other solvent.

      This ABS round tube can be used as an alternative for PS round tubes. Fine tubes made of BRASS, ALUMINIUM or COPPER can be found under the heading „Metal“.
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