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      Greeting Cards without Motifs

      Information about Greeting Cards without Motifs

      The Swiss company Artoz is well known for its comprehensive range of variously sized stationery, cards and envelopes which come in over 40 different colours. From this collection, which is sold under the name “Artoz 1001”, we selected a relatively large sampling of the most important products in 27 different colours to add to our product line.

      All of the items in this group are made from high quality, finely ribbed, rag-containing paper that can also be used (conditionally) with ink-jet and laser printers. We recommend you make a test run beforehand, especially in the case of colour prints. For frequent use on desktop printers we recommend that you employ the ARTOZ LETTER AND PRINTER PAPER PCC.

      In the following list you will certainly find the right combination of paper, card and envelope for all of your personal and business needs. Upon inquiry, more products are available in amounts of 100 pieces or more.

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