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      RKS Tube Clamp System for ø 28 mm Round Tubes

      Information about RKS Tube Clamp System for ø 28 mm Round Tubes

      The idea for this tube connector system originated in Japan, more specifically from Toyota and even more specifically from the multi-national company that goes by that name. In manufacturing centres there are, and always have been, production lines and work stations where the workers themselves, true to their natures, constantly find something to complain about. For example, a holder for the adhesive tape is missing or if there were only shelves to serve as the provisioning area or if a table were only to be placed in the right area, the workflow would be that much faster! In Germany, this phenomenon of the staff working to improve the workflow and anything else that strikes their fancy is called KVP (Kontinuierlicher Verbesserungsprozess = continuous improvement process); in Japan, Kaizen. This tube connector system was developed to enable the fast implementation of such pertinent suggestions without the need of a welding device or costly or expensive remodelling work. The result is a system with many connector pieces and small parts from which we have chosen a representative group to add to our product assortment.

      One advantage when compared to other connector systems: it is especially versatile and more two-piece connectors can also be installed at a later date without having to dismantle or make changes to your construction. Making adjustments and efficiently adding extensions is made that much easier. The system allows you a wide variety of construction possibilities: tables, continuous rack shelves (there is a huge selection of rollers available for this purpose), packing stations, transport trolleys, side tables, shelves or any combination of the above.

      Some of the steel tubes are coated with ABS, which gives them a soft surface. This has the advantage that the partially ribbed inner surfaces of the connectors are better able to gain purchase on the exterior tube surfaces and thereby provide a greater degree of fixedness and stability to your construction; in short, more gripping power. In addition, the ABS surface is much kinder to materials, which is especially important when dealing with sensitive parts, particularly in cases when one accidentally (unavoidably? often?) smashes against them during work.

      The connectors function according to a modular construction system: for example, a 90° elbow consists of an inner side and an outer side that are joined by means of an Allen screw and a nut. The inner side of the connector also serves as a component of the “cross connector with passageway” and can, depending on the requirements, be combined and installed accordingly.

      Connector (set) consists of
      GA-2S 1 x G-2S, 1 x G-3S and two connector screws
      GA-3S 2 x G-2S, 1 x G-4S and three connector screws
      GA-4S 2 x G-4S and two connector screws
      GA-5S 4 x G-2S and four connector screws

      There are, then, duplications; individual pieces can in many cases be used for different types of connections and for making different types of connectors. In order to provide a good overview, we are initially offering complete connectors in sets for sale, i.e. all the individual components including the required screws.

      In order to make different constructions out of tubing in combination with these connectors, you will need a 5.0 mm Allen key. When making connections with these connectors, the seating distance required for the tube will be 30 mm; i.e., the tube will stick 3 centimeters into the connector. Be sure to take this into account when figuring out tube lengths (see in this regard the PDF “Calculating Tube Lengths”).

      The connector screws are 25 mm long, have 6.0 mm metric threads and a spanner opening (hexagon socket in the head) of 5 mm.

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