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      Cork Sheets

      Information about Cork Sheets

      Cork has a fine, closed cell structure and low density, provides good insulation for heat and sound and is also difficult to set on fire. All of these positive attributes have led to its being very often used as a natural insulating material. Because cork does not absorb liquids or take on dust or dirt, it is hygienic as well.

      Cork sheets are produced from cork scraps of varying granularities. The scraps are mixed with binding agents and pressed together into blocks that are subsequently cut into sheets. In architectural model making, cork can be used in the making of topographical stratified models. When working with the thin 1 mm thick sheets, special care should be taken because they tend to tear rather easily. The thicker sheets can be used to make a very nice and simple pinboard.

      Cork sheets can be cut with a BLADE without any problem, the thinner ones can also be cut with a SCISSORS. Glue work can be done with normal all-purpose glues like TESA ALL-PURPOSE GLUE (Technicoll) or, for temporary joinings when working on models, PINS can be used.

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