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      Foamwerks Cutting Tools

      Information about Foamwerks Cutting Tools

      FoamWerks cutting tools were developed to provide a way for precisely reworking sandwich panels with paper cover layers like KAPA BOARDS or FOAM BOARDS. The various tools make it possible to make exact 90° or 45° cuts, to cut circles up to 150 mm in diameter or to punch out holes from 4.5 to 19 mm in diameter. In the realm of architectural model making, the RABBET CUTTER is particularly useful because you can cut a sandwich panel in such a way that the paper cover layer remains uncut on one side. In addition, the V-GROOVE CUTTER is great for this work as well because it can cut a series of “V” shaped grooves in order to shape the board into a curve. All these tools are distinguished by their easy handling and precise cuts and are also suitable for working on POLYSTYRENE FOAM and POLYSTYRENE RIGID FOAM BOARDS.

      FoamWerks is a product line from the American company Logan, which, especially in the realm of professional tools for passepartout production, is a world market leader. Logan passepartout tools can be found under PASSEPARTOUT CUTTER.

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