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      Processing Adhesive Films

      Information about Processing Adhesive Films

      Under this heading you will find some aids and implements which will make working with adhesive films much, much easier.

      If you are going to be cutting out a large number of motifs like, for example, letters for a text, then it is definitely worth your while to use a CUTTING MAT. This product makes very precise cuts possible and saves the CUTTING BLADE or ARTIST KNIFE from wear and tear.

      When mounting the film wet, the carrier surface should be sprayed with water using a SPRAY BOTTLE. This will make the subsequent work a lot easier. In contrast to dry mounting, the glue´s sticking power does not immediately take effect on a wet surface and this provides the opportunity for repositioning when necessary.

      The squeegee-type applicator is probably the most important tool for mounting adhesive films. You can use it to sweep away the water and bubbles so that a smooth, bubble-free surface can be created. Different jobs require different squeegee-type applicators: the felt squeegee-type applicator for dry work on robust films, one with a soft felt edge for sensitive surfaces, or a plastic squeegee for heavy materials or for wet work.

      Please note the additional hints which can be found at the treatment section of the product X-FILM COLOURED ADHESIVE FILMS.

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