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      • Modulor file folder, grey board
        Modulor file folder, grey board
        from 4,50 €
        290 x 315 mm, grey bookbinding paperboard (th = 2.3 mm), not covered, fingerhole with eyelet, lever activated mechanism with pressure bar
      • Exacompta divider cards, coloured
        8 Variants
        Exacompta divider cards, coloured
        from 2,35 €
        coloured cardboard, 190 g/m², 2 holed (DIN punch holes)
      • Exacompta standard file
        2 Variants
        Exacompta standard file
        from 2,20 €
        290 x 320 mm, sturdy cardboard covered in matte/textured, grey marble paper (leather grain), black spine (linen texture) with labelling field, built in finger hole, metal reinforced corners, streamlined lever action,...
      • Exacompta divider cards, chamois
        Exacompta divider cards, chamois
        from 9,10 €
        kraft cardboard, 230 g/m², printed black organizer sections (1 - 10), 2-holed (DIN punch holes)
      • Index dividers, plastic
        Index dividers, plastic
        from 2,00 €
        translucent polypropylene, one side rough (th = 0.2), 215/230 x 305 mm (width x height), colour sequence: colourless, light blue, red-orange, yellow, green, pink; with universal hole pattern
      • Index exhibit dividers, cardboard
        5 Variants
        Index exhibit dividers, cardboard
        from 1,70 €
        recycled cardboard, 155 g/m², beige, some pre-printed in black, universal hole pattern
      • Semikolon office binder, Efalin covered
        15 Variants
        Semikolon office binder, Efalin covered
        from 9,30 €
        sturdy cardboard, interior and exterior covered in Efalin paper, lever action mechanism, slotted cover with metal inserts, given measurements are approximate
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