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      Whiteboard Film

      Information about Whiteboard Film

      Whiteboards or markerboards are normally white in colour and have a very smooth writing surface that can be written on with special felt pens and then dry-erased. Their advantages are obvious: The higher contrast between the writing and the background considerably improves readability as compared to the standard school blackboard and, additionally, can also be newly written on much more quickly after being dry-erased; individual words or passages can be more quickly corrected as well. Not least because of these features has the whiteboard been used to replace chalkboards in many locations.

      It is very easy, even pleasant, to write on a whiteboard because the tip of the pen seems to glide over its surface without any friction at all! We know that this isn’t necessarily the way everyone wants to do a presentation. There are definitely those among us who prefer to use a piece of chalk with its heavy drag to scratch out their writing on a rough surface to the sound of squeaks (not to say, grating squeaks!). For this choice group we recommend our CHALKBOARD FILM, CHALKBOARD PAINT, CHALK and/or our classic wood-framed CHALKBOARD.

      The most important feature of a whiteboard is its surface. There are three conventional grades:


      Whiteboards are constructed much in the manner of a framed picture. The white surface is framed by an aluminium or plastic profile and in the case of larger (and more stable, i.e. better!) versions is kept distortion-free by means of a metal backing sheet that is mounted on the back of the aluminium frame. Other attributes indicative of quality include the workmanship, the construction and the sturdiness of the core and the backing sheet.

      All the whiteboards we have on offer are magnet friendly and can therefore be used both as a writing board and as a magnet board.

      One last thing: When dealing with the topic of whiteboards one can quickly come to the conclusion that more gifted designers have abandoned the whole sector. If you decide that, no, I don’t want any of these versions you could perhaps be persuaded to make your own using WHITEBOARD FILM and (for example) DIBOND – note, however, that such a whiteboard will not be receptive to magnets. A writing surface that is likewise dry-erasable but rather more suitable for use in the kitchen or the hallway can be created by combining a WINDOW MARKER and a smooth (NOT satin-finished) ACRYLIC GLASS SHEET.

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