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      Snow and Ice

      Information about Snow and Ice

      Thanks to the use of artificial snow, it is possible for those experiencing a snow-less middle-European winter to just not give a damn! Whether fresh new snow is needed for a film set or a flat needs to be given the look of a winter landscape for an après-ski party: artificial snow falls and remains where you want it and won’t melt away even at summer temperatures.

      A good imitation snow is not only distinguished by its realistic look but also through its antistatic finish which makes working with it and disposing of it that much easier. Being flame resistant as per B1 (German industry norm) is also important because that allows its use in public buildings.

      Our artificial snow in powder form is of professional quality and can be found being used large-scale in film and television productions.

      The decoration snow fleece can serve as a good accessory for use with powder snow and have the advantage that they can be used vertically and, when the next snow landscape needs to be created, it can be used again. In order to use less snow flake material or to cover up a dark surface in preparation, we recommend that, before letting the snow flakes fall, you cover the area with something like DECORATION SNOW FLEECE, thick POLYESTER BULK FLEECE, POYSTYRENE FOAM, white plastic film (SOFT PVC VARNISHED FILM) or MOLLETON – or you can just paint the area white if that works.

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