Modulor Custom Cutting Service

Custom cutting is available for all sheets and panels of plastic, wood, cardboard and metal as well as all rods, tubes and profile strips which are made from these materials.

Please not: Custom cuts can only be carried out if your order is unambiguous and comprehensible. All dimensions should be given in millimetres. We will not be responsible for mistakes that arise as a result of your unclear instructions. All custom cuts, special orders, as well as all materials that have been cut from rolls may not be returned.

1. Custom cutting prices

In addition to the price of the material itself, there is a one-time flat rate charge for a custom cut:

Please inquire about the prices for custom cutting metal tubes or rods or for cutting larger amounts than the 10 pieces mentioned above..

Different types of materials in one custom cutting order:

If one order for custom cutting contains different materials, only a one-time flat-rate charge will apply. If your order, for example, contains plastic materials as well as metal ones, only the one-time flat rate for custom cutting metal will be charged.

2. Price of material

In calculating the price of custom cutting there are two categories of materials:

Category 1: „Custom cutting without remainders“ (Articles sold by the square metre)
The cost of the material is based on its actual size in square metres – remainders are not included in the price and they remain with us. In the webshop you can enter your desired custom cut dimensions directly and the corresponding price of your material will be immediately displayed (if Javascript is activated!).

Category 2: „Purchasing whole sheets “ (Artikel mit ausgewiesenem Stück-Preis)
We will custom cut any article in our assortment. In this instance you will pay for the article plus a charge for cutting it to your specifications. The cut article and the remainders are both delivered to you. Please enter your desired dimensions in the field “Special instructions for this order” which will appear at the step in the Shopping Cart page requesting your address.

3. Fulfilling the custom cutting order

3.1.for sheets and panels of PLASTIC, WOOD AND CARDBOARD

We only cut right angles. The minimum cutting dimensions are:

When ordering textured materials please give the desired final textural configuration (e.g., the direction of a wood grain or whether the grain direction should run parallel to the long or short side of the rectangle…etc.) If no instructions are given, textural configuration will be ignored when cutting.

In the case of Category 2 materials, please note that the amount of kerf loss (wastage) due to sawing is about 3.5 mm per cut (caused by the width of the saw blade).


The minimum custom cut size is:

Right-angled cuts are the standard. Upon request, we will also cut triangles and polygons, including ones with uneven sides. Round shapes are not possible.

Perforated sheets are normally delivered to us with an industrial edge (solid). This means that the 1,000 x 2,000 versions have an edge that is approximately 10 mm wide and either completely or partially closed. If no instructions have been given by you, the edges of custom cut perforated sheets can have perforated edges or not depending on whether the cut was made from an end piece or not. You can, however, specify that your perforated sheet should have perforated edges all around (the maximum possible sheet size is thereby reduced by up to 20 mm) or with an industrial edge (solid) on one particular side. If that is indeed the case, please inform us (with specifics) when ordering. Because special edge cuts will be necessary in such cases, an additional one-time “edging” charge of 2.50 € will be added to the normal custom cut flat rate incurred by your order.

When ordering materials that have structured or textured surfaces (e.g. brushed stainless steel) please inform us as to which direction the grain should be running. If no such information is supplied, the direction of the grain will not be considered when the cutting work is done.

3.3. for RODS, TUBES and PROFILS

We cut rods, tubes and profiles with diameters up to 200 mm. The minimum length of a custom cut is 100 mm (e.g. final tube must be at least 100 mm long)

Please note that we only make rectangular cuts, i.e., no mitre cuts are offered. The amount of kerf loss (wastage) due to sawing is about 3.5 mm per cut (caused by the width of the saw blade).

3.4. Custom cutting tolerances

The standard dimensional accuracy is  ± 1 mm/m. Right angularity is  ± 1 mm/m. Please note: Right angularity and dimensional accuracy failures can be cumulative.

4. Processing and other services

You can find information about other processing steps like drilling or edging under HOMEPAGE > SERVICE>CUSTOMIZING > SERVICES.

5. Immediate custom cutting services at our store in Berlin

Custom cutting of sheets, panels, tubes, rods and metal sheets is available at our Berlin store from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm. Normally, the work can be done right away!