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      Penne Stilografiche Lamy

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      Informazioni su Penne Stilografiche Lamy

      A few words about Lamy: This company has been designing and manufacturing writing utensils in Heidelberg since 1952 and is a brand known all over the world – in the meantime Lamy even has its own stores in China. To this day, all the parts, from the nibs to the plastic or stainless steel barrels, are produced and assembled on location.

      Lamy produces fountain pens, ballpoint pens, rollerballs and mechanical pencils and often works together with external designers who are contracted to create new writing utensils. So it is that the Lamy style that has been developed over decades and which, according to the company, was from the beginning based to a large extent on Bauhaus design principles, is continually being renewed due to outside influences. With this modus operandi, Lamy has in recent decades won numerous design awards – the whole collection exhibits a thematic unity and the writing utensils are, without exception, well-designed and well thought out and, we think, are also very beautiful practical objects that are produced according to the highest quality standards.

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