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      • Offset drawing paper/board, smooth
        7 Variants
        Offset drawing paper/board, smooth
        from 0,50 €
        bright white, smooth, wood free, 1.15 - 1.2-fold volume, aging-resistant, up to 170 g/m² with laser- and ink-jet guarantee (s/w)
      • Wet silicon carbide sandpaper, anthracite
        13 Variants
        Wet silicon carbide sandpaper, anthracite
        from 1,00 €
        silicone carbide grit, solid resin bonding, water repelling latex backing paper, for manual wet sanding of metal (not stainless steel), plastic, varnish and putty
      • Mt Slim Masking Tape, Washi adhesive tape
        3 Variants
        Mt Slim Masking Tape, Washi adhesive tape
        from 3,70 €
        10 m per roll, w = 6 mm, rice paper, semi-gloss, th = 0.05 mm, acid-free, solvent-free acrylate adhesive, removes without leaving residue, roll inner core is 30.5 mm
      • Paper/board, white, matte coated
        8 Variants
        Paper/board, white, matte coated
        from 0,70 €
        triple coated, satined, white, half-matte (semi-gloss), wood free, aging-resistant
      • Seawhite sketchbook, black 140 g/m²
        2 Variants
        Seawhite sketchbook, black 140 g/m²
        from 2,50 €
        Type of paper: drawing and painting paper, Colour of paper: black, Paper grammature/thickness: 140 g/m², Paper surface/Texture: matte
      • Papier-mâché letters, brown
        27 Variants
        Papier-mâché letters, brown
        from 2,30 €
        material: made of sturdy cardboard, covered with FSC-certified recycled paper
      • Kraft paper, self-adhesive
        Kraft paper, self-adhesive
        from 3,60 €
        80 g/m², natural brown, self-adhesive, for writing and painting, sheet size: 210 x 297 DIN A4, 10 sheets in plastic wrapper
      • Chromolux board, metallic
        4 Variants
        Chromolux board, metallic
        from 0,50 €
        wood-free, silky lustre cast coated, back side is matte and bright white with a light colour cast; 1.3 –fold volume
      • Masking paper roll, brown
        Masking paper roll, brown
        from 10,90 €
        100% waste paper, th = 0.15 mm
      • Carta Tassotti, colour printed
        9 Variants
        Carta Tassotti, colour printed
        from 2,40 €
      • Majestic fancy board, iridescent
        18 Variants
        Majestic fancy board, iridescent
        from 0,80 €
        solid colour, wood free, from chlorine-free bleached pulp (TCF), smooth, both sides with iridescent effect
      • Velours paper, cloudy, coloured
        19 Variants
        Velours paper, cloudy, coloured
        from 2,90 €
        brown or dyed carrier paper covered with coloured viscose flocking with the look of suede, latex impregnated, pH = 6.5 - 7
      • Presentation board, matte, light-coloured core
        2 Variants
        Presentation board, matte, light-coloured core
        from 2,60 €
        finnboard laminated on both sides with coloured paper
      • Alu board, coloured
        7 Variants
        Alu board, coloured
        from 4,90 €
        paper board laminated with aluminium, both sides with metallic colours, glossy
      • Murillo sketch booklet
        5 Variants
        Murillo sketch booklet
        from 2,00 €
        white drawing paper, matte, side wire binding, coloured cover from rough Murillo paper (190 g/m²)
      • Notepad without cover
        7 Variants
        Notepad without cover
        from 0,70 €
        bright white paper, matte, wood-free, approx. 60 g/m², micro perforations, bonded on the width side, folded (grey cloth binding), without front cover, back cover is grey cardboard
      • French marbled paper
        8 Variants
        French marbled paper
        from 7,50 €
        end leaf paper of various colours, one side marbled, dipped (not imprinted or plate-glazed)
      • Protopaper
        2 Variants
        from 2,95 €
        material: 150 g/m²
      • Mirror board, high gloss, silver
        4 Variants
        Mirror board, high gloss, silver
        from 0,60 €
        wood free, high gloss metallicized (reflecting)/white, extremely smooth (base paper board is "Galax Keramik")
      • Daler-Rowney Fine Grain drawing pad, 200g/mř
        4 Variants
        Daler-Rowney Fine Grain drawing pad, 200g/mř
        from 4,30 €
        extra thick white drawing paper, matte, lightly grained texture, acid-free, glued at the top, cover is printed paperboard, rear cover is cardboard
      • Wrapping paper, sheet, brown
        Wrapping paper, sheet, brown
        from 0,50 €
        sulphate mixed paper from 100% recovered paper (pre-consumer)
      • Touché bookbinding board
        4 Variants
        Touché bookbinding board
        from 1,10 €
        solid colour, both sides painted wth matte finish, produced with multi-layered cellulose cardboard and chemical cellulose which contains 40% recycled fibre material, FSC certified (Forest Stewardship Council)
      • Transparent paper envelopes
        6 Variants
        Transparent paper envelopes
        from 0,50 €
        material: made from transparent paper, 100 g/m²
      • Buntbox gift box, rectangular
        46 Variants
        Buntbox gift box, rectangular
        from 0,85 €
        material: folding box made of 100% recycled fine paperboard, grammage: approx. 350 g / m², Contents: top and base available separately, Dimensions size S: LxWxH: 102 x 65 x 46 mm (base somewhat larger than DIN A7, business card size)
      • Rhodia writing pad, orange
        11 Variants
        Rhodia writing pad, orange
        from 1,00 €
        bright white paper, satin-finish, wood-free, 80 g/m², no margin, no holes, cardboard cover, bound at the top
      • Exacompta folder, paperboard
        9 Variants
        Exacompta folder, paperboard
        from 0,80 €
        manila board, 265 g/m², semi-gloss, coloured front and back, metal quick filing mechanism (two prongs and a cover rail), capacity: 250 sheets of 80 g paper
      • Nano-corrugated board, one-sided, sheet, coloured
        3 Variants
        Nano-corrugated board, one-sided, sheet, coloured
        from 1,30 €
        F-flute, th = 1.0 mm, s(pacing) = 2.0 mm, semi-gloss
      • Index board, coloured
        8 Variants
        Index board, coloured
        from 2,10 €
        solid colour, glued, from 100% recycled paper, extremely smooth (satined)
      • Fine Line crepe draping tape
        2 Variants
        Fine Line crepe draping tape
        from 6,50 €
        Colour: black, Width: 3 mm, Length: 25 m
      • Toppac mailer, white
        3 Variants
        Toppac mailer, white
        from 0,75 €
        made out of white/grey duplex board UD2, 500-550 g/m², self-sealing, opens at perforation, variable filling height, max. 20 mm; weight: 52 g (DIN A5), 97 g (DIN A4), 175 g (DIN A3); given dimensions: approx....
      • Handicraft crepe paper rolls, coloured
        17 Variants
        Handicraft crepe paper rolls, coloured
        from 0,90 €
        solid colour, finely ribbed, colour transfers when wet (not moisture-proof)
      • Poster board, coloured, fluorescent
        5 Variants
        Poster board, coloured, fluorescent
        from 3,20 €
        flourescent coloured, matte finished, reverse side light beige
      • Flip chart pad
        2 Variants
        Flip chart pad
        from 6,50 €
        made up of 80 g/m² wood-free paper, 6 universal hole patterns, micro-perforated, comes with logo, given dimensions: width x length = usable dimension
      • Copier paper, Recyconomic
        2 Variants
        Copier paper, Recyconomic
        from 5,70 €
        grey-white (70 level white), matte, aging-resistant, recycled paper from 100% recovered paper, for copiers, laser printers, ink-jet printers (black lines) and normal paper fax machines
      • mt 1P Deco masking tape, patterned Washi adh. tape
        21 Variants
        mt 1P Deco masking tape, patterned Washi adh. tape
        from 3,30 €
        material: rice paper, Strength: 0.05 mm
      • Cachet Studio portfolio, coloured
        16 Variants
        Cachet Studio portfolio, coloured
        from 12,30 €
        material: sturdy paperboard, equipment: 3 black interior flaps, black linen spine
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